Saturday, August 18, 2012


It's been a long two weeks.

The mister has been traveling for business.  My daughter is starting college.  We're moving.


Our move wasn't planned, but was welcomed! The mister got a job offer out of the blue and got the position! So...that was settled. We are moving.  Finding a home was a whole other can of worms. 

We were interested in a condo or a town home for the first year as we got settled. I found one, fell in love.  Only to drive hours from home to find out it had been leased the day before. But, what's that? Up the street? Another darling condo!  We spent the weekend driving around town and seeing the town.  Honestly, I've never been to the town and didn't know what to expect....but I fell in love. In the end, our realtor sent us to yet another condo.  

It's right off the lake, tucked away in an adorable area without the hustle and bustle of busy roads. A two story too! (This makes my daughter giddy!)  Alright! So we put in our application and waited. And waited. While we waited, my husband was still in and out traveling for business. I was a ball of nerves, no good to anyone. The college girl of mine has hardly been home so she can spend time with friends and family before the big leap.  

Packing boxes is one of my least favorite things....right up there with a root canal. Not knowing if we got the town house, not knowing when we'd move and dealing with nutbars all thrown together in the pot has made me want to just run away with the Circus!

Then I got the call from the mister...WE GOT THE LAKE HOUSE!! Woo hoo!  I cannot tell you the relief! 

So now with a tentative moving date, a place to live, the garage sale over with....I am SO ready to get the hell out of dodge!

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