Tuesday, August 14, 2012

We're Moving!

For years, the mister has had plans to 'get outta dodge'. He's lived in this town longer than I have, I've been here a little over six years. Don't get me wrong, I love our little town north of Houston, but we're due a change.

My daughter starts college next week and she's ready to be out without a safety net from MommieDawn and we've had it in our heads when this happened we would be free to pursue a small move. With that said, I still carry all the anxiety of a move with my baby bird leaving the nest on a daily basis....and I don't deal well with stress.  What it does is attack my body and all my regular aches and pains (ie broken tailbone, RA, bone spurs) then adds in some more just for good measure.  I've had a hole being burned in my back for a week, a headache for three weeks and tummie issues for about just as long. I know, I get it....I'm a ninnie.

A little over a week ago the mister had a job interview that came literally out of the sky. He was offered the job from a customer of his old job while at work!  He took the interview.....went on another one and bam! He got it!  It's more money and a step up from Assistant Manager for him.  Then when it came down to it, he was told there would be a move. One was close to where we are now, and one was three hours north of here and in the end they chose him to be at the one three hours north of here.

The company sent us there for a weekend to scope out living arrangements and put us up in a sweet hotel.  I have to admit, I had low expectations. I've never been to the town and all I know about it is something that happened there that was National news 18 years ago or so. But once there, I was in love. Small town feel, a beautiful lake, hillside views and almost NO humidity.

I'm a head-sweater.  I take after my dad and if I could, I'd wear a sweatband if I thought I'd look as hot as Olivia Newton-John. That's doubtful.

But while up there, in the heat and sitting outside at the marina....I didn't break a sweat and ever literally let my hair down. I never let my hair down in the Summer!  So that alone is a major plus!  We are still waiting to hear which townhome/condo we'll get and I'm keeping my fingers crossed on a particular one.

That's enough stress, so luckily my youngest seems to be happy about the move....which shocked me because change is not her friend. I still have to get some work done on my vehicle so my college baby has a car to drive....I'm getting together a garage sale this weekend....still packing boxes and making a mountain in the dinette....and losing my mind.

I have so many posts I need to make here....manicures and painted bottles etc....but the blog will have to wait. I'm swamped!

Toodles for now!

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