Monday, October 22, 2012

Broken Candle? Let's Make A New One!

This is officially my first 'DIY' post since the move! It's not a ground breaking one by any means, but one that was a necessity since I really wanted to use this particular candle.

My husband brought a candle home from his work and asked if I could do anything about it.  It was a candle in a glass container and the glass broke, so instead of tossing it out he wanted me to do something with it.
The mister says it smells like IHOP, to me it just smells like maple awesomeness!

We have this candle holder that currently doesn't have anyone dwelling in it. It's a hanging glass bowl on wrought iron and it's gorgeous. My first thought was to break the glass and just put it inside. But, the bowl is narrow and deep and this candle would  look weird with a void underneath it.  Second thought was to put sand in the bottom and put the candle on top, but for some reason I didn't like that idea. Too simple. HA!

What I ended up doing was melting it down, removing the wicks, pouring a base in the new bowl, anchoring the wicks and pouring the rest! It worked out great!  However, breaking the rest of the glass proved to be little dangerous.....for an injury prone person such as myself.

Here's the broken candle and the
holder I wanted to put it in.

I put the candle and holder in a LOW simmering
pot of water to 
#1 melt the bottom of the candle
#2 easily put cracks in the glass
for removal.

The top part of the candle curved over the top, so pulling it
straight out wasn't an option.

Here you see the top part cracked and

A little more time cracked the rest
and the whole candle
is out!

Still on LOW heat, the candle starts to 
melt very easily.

I poured some into a container to 
cool for a few minutes...

...after cooling a little bit, I poured a 
base. Since this holder is pointy, I needed
a solid base in which to place the

Once the base is cooled enough, I was able
to anchor the wicks.

Now, the wicks can be new ones...or like
I used....the original ones from the candle.

As the candle melts, the wicks will
be able to be pulled out the closer
they get to the surface of the melted

Little by little, fill and allow the wax to cool.

If you pour all the wax in at once, you will have a very
uneven top. Filling the wax in by levels, the candle
will cool uniformly for a level top.

About halfway up the holder I placed straws and looped
the wicks over it to keep the wicks
straight up. You can use a chopstick, a pencil...anything
really that will anchor the tops of the

By the time I was done, the house smelled delicious. I will say that I was borderline queasy because this was
and extra sweet maple candle. But was nommie smelling.

And there it is!

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