Monday, December 3, 2012

Old Home Weekend

I had a great weekend!

First of all, I turned 42 on Sunday.

Forty.  Two.

I remember my parents in their forties....and they were dorks. All grown up and mature.  I am the opposite and will fight acting like an old lady as long as I can. I will groan and walk like an old lady...but not act like one!

No matter how much I want time to stop for me, it refuses.  It's walking all over me relentlessly.  But, C'est la vie.

My birthday present from the mister!
I'm seeing Sangria in this bad boy!

My bestie and my oldest daughter came for a visit this weekend too!  I hadn't seen my daughter since she started college and my bestie since we moved. I was so ready for some chill time!

They got in around 1am Friday night (Saturday morning?) and with my house lit up like a torch on Hell Island with Christmas was their beacon! There was no mistake as to where Mommie's house was, says my kid. LOL

My kid - relaxing after a long drive!

 We stayed up until almost 5am.  We sipped on Apple Pie Moonshine that I made the night before.  (click for the recipe)

I'm the Queen....Bestie is Party Girl. 

MommieDawn and the bestie

We slept in Saturday for a bit then I wanted to take them a town over to a cute antique store!  But, me being me.....I couldn't find it.  Oh to the lake!  I wanted to stuff their faces with awesome fried catfish at the Marina!  Guess what? Closed for the season! I was SO mad! I wanted to show them the lake and feed the catfish and relax with an awesome view! *Note To Self-Next Time PLAN better!*

I was 2 for 2 on a rotten time! We ended up going to a seafood bar and grill near the house and finally got some catfish!

Fried Goodness!

Bestie and MommieDawn

Yup...I claim these two!

Saturday night we made one of my kid's favorite meals - fried chicken, mashed potatoes with home made cream gravy and corn on the cob. Thanks to the bestie for helping me cook it all! Two skillets going, flour was perfect!

My kid fell instantly in love with the stray that we've adopted....Sparkles. Well, she adopted us too!

We went to the grocery to get some provisions for the kid to take back to college...and made some funny faces along the way.

Sunday for lunch, I defrosted and heated up the Thanksgiving plate I save for my kid.  She took her last bite and said, "Thanksgiving is officially over! I needed this turkey!"

This was my view on Sunday..and it was awesome.

So, now on to my baby girls birthday....she turns 16 in a week and a half!  Then Christmas!  I'd like to take a moment to thank Amazon.  I've done practically all my Christmas shopping on Amazon. And I've been done for a while, there are just a few extra things to be gotten, and bam....I'm done!  Amazon has made shopping SOOOOO easy! Click, buy, wait for it be delivered!  Ugh. Too easy!

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