Thursday, December 6, 2012

Salt and Pepper Shakermageddon

I am the head chef, for the most part,in the home.
As being such, it is I that use the salt and pepper shakers the most.
As that being such, it is I that fills said salt and pepper shakers.

That being said, I fill them according to the way my brain works. Pepper (I don't like you) is two holes. Salt (I like you, but I shouldn't) is three holes. Bam.

Mr. Pepper and Mrs. Salt

My husband was in the kitchen last night and yelled, "Which one of these is the pepper?"  Refraining myself from replying, "Shake them and see!"  I answered the one on the left. was Mr. Pepper! Duh! lol

He didn't see the humor. Then he said that I had them in the wrong shakers.

The nerve.

Do some research....I did.  There is no one solid answer as to who is correct.  Some say more holes is for pepper. Some say more holes is for salt.

I say I'm right.

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