Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Goodwill Is Awesome!

...but I think we all know that!

Today I decided to visit the BIG  Goodwill retail store near us. There's a smaller one that I visit often, but I just had to check out this big one.

I've driven passed it many times on my way to the pet store for turtle food...Guinea pig food... But I never stop! So today I made a special trip. 

I was actually looking for 2 things in particular. 1- a plate.  2- a candle stick.

First I found the candle stick and it was perfect...fat, sturdy, not too tall.  The plate wasn't so easy. 

This particular Goodwill store sold sets of dishes and I just wanted a decorative plate. No luck. But I did find a glass microwave know, the one that sets in the microwave and turns?
While it wasn't the exact thing I wanted, I got it anyway. It would serve the purpose and I plan on making more....oh wait....I didn't tell you what I was making...did I?

Using a glue for glass, glue the plate to the candle stick. Bam! Cake stand! For around 5 bucks I hasn't a custom cake stand!

I will find the pretty plate I wanted and make another one!
$2.99 for the candle stick!

$1.99 for the 'plate'!

Glue on the candlestick...
Center the plate on top and let dry! 

There you have it!

And that's a homemade butter cake with lemon buttercream icing.

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