Saturday, January 26, 2013

Ring making...

My sixteen year old loves rings....and I love making rings!  Honestly, with a ring base you can make just about anything into a ring.  My daughter had pieces that were from broken bracelets, broken rings and I had glass pieces and pendants as well.

So, I got to gluing!

A trip to Hobby Lobby and I was able to find
these simple ring bases.

This is glue for attaching literally
anything to metal.

This was an octopus that was part of
a bracelet that broke.
So now, it's a ring!
Dollop glue to base and topper...let
sit for a minute or two then
put them together and let dry!

Here are some of the rings we made....the square one
in the back is a glass piece the was on 
clearance at Hobby Lobby for roughly
80 cents!
The 'GRUMPY' was a pendant that I 
got for around 40 cents! I cut off
the loops where the chain goes, filed it down
and bam! 

I am in LOVE with this one!

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