Saturday, January 26, 2013

Side Table Makeover

About a year ago, I purchased a side table from an antique store in Houston.  I had to have it! It wasn't just a table, it was also a storage 'unit'.  Disguised as a drawer was a lift top table with storage inside and anything that doubles as storage is a weakness to me!

When I brought it home, my husband didn't seem amused...which blew because I bought it for HIS side table to hide all his crap that is always out and drives me crazy! Kleenex, old mail, paper, bags, remotes, matches, lighters....  So, you see, I was thrilled at this magic table!

Fast forward a year and it's mine now. He's back to a larger mid-century modern two level table that holds the garbage dump of paraphernalia.

My original plan was always to refinish this table because it was just too old fashioned for us....and boring for me.  Last week I finally got around to it and I love it!  I originally just wanted to paint it black and change the hardware, but as usual I changed my mind a million times before I actually did it.

Here it is like a piece of Pioneer furniture. 

I started removing the top and hardware and painting a base on
the top and parts of the legs with silver.

Here are the legs. I love how they turned out!

A clean look with silver hardware!

Here is the crackled top. One thick coat of
crackle medium then a top coat of 
black after the medium has dried. 

And here's the finished product!

I just adore it!

And the lamp was a $15.00 purchase
at Family Dollar!

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