Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine's Dollar Store Mantle!

A few days ago I found myself at Dollar Tree wading through the Valentine's Day isle.  I can't help it!  So many cheap and cute things at my fingertips!

Flowers, balloons, cards, bags, name it!  But I had to stop myself and try to have organized thoughts.  Good luck!

I put together a mantle for Valentine's Day for under EIGHT DOLLARS!  I think it looks very cute.

I'll start here.
A buck for the glass container, a buck for the moss, a buck
for the hearts (7 in a package) and
a buck for the foam to hold them. 

9 feet of felt heart garland.  
It's very sweet. 

Here's the breakdown. The moss was a dollar and I
only used half of what came in the bag.
The foam that holds the heart sticks
was a dollar and I only used a fourth
of a round in each container.
The heart sticks came 7 to a bag so I
got pink and red.

The LOVE sign is something that I already had and moved
it to the mantle for this. 

I have two wreaths that are made and I'll post on them when it's actually February.

I'm already the annoying neighbor that decorates for every single
holiday, I think I'll actually wait to put the heart
wreaths on my doors. 

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