Saturday, February 2, 2013

Let's Take A Time Travel Trip!

One of the blogs I follow on Facebook is Retro Wifey.  You can find shared photos, recipes, trends..almost everything...that's retro!  Man, it brings back memories.  A post from a couple of days ago was this, salt and pepper shakers that my grandmother had several of.  I remember the sound they would make. Especially the set she had at our bayhouse (RIP) in Bolivar that she would put rice in because of the humidity.  Ahhhh...memories.

So, I decided to take it upon myself to think back of things I had as a kid.  

First is Clem.
This was something my brother had. I remember he had more
than one. One was HUGE. I can't remember
exactly what Clem's story is, but
I remember this damn dog!
This ice cream cone comb was something I loved.
I believe it was from Avon, in the 70s.  I never really
combed my hair with it, it sucked as an actual
comb, but I would put that thing in 
the back pocket of my Gloria Vanderbelt
bluejeans. I was a bad ass 12 year old. 

My brother and I had these exact skates.
We'd race up and down the driveway.
My fondest memory of them was the time my 
brother and I had chicken pox at the same time.
My grandfather owned a couple of buildings that he rented out
and one that was his business. 
On that day, my brother and I spent the day there.
We didn't feel sick, but we weren't allowed
at school, so we stayed at my grandfather's
office/shop with our mother for the day.
We strapped on our skates and I pretended I
was a hotrod roller derby badass. 

I had these in elementary school.  We walked to school back then and
I'd pop my wheels out and skate to and
from school.
One day, while watching CHiPs, a girl was stealing a 
wad of jewelry from a shop and
popped some wheels out of her shoes for the 
Oh man! That was it! I wanted to be
buried in these!


I loved these. I'd stand there and rock
back and forth from my toes
to my heels thinking this was the
coolest thing ever. 

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