Saturday, February 16, 2013

Valentine's Care Package

Now that my oldest is away at college, I've been getting into the 'Care Package' biz.  I've ordered a ton of boxes from the USPS website in several different sizes just for this purpose!

For Valentine's Day I used a smaller box. I purchased several small items that she's always liked....fingernail polish and bubbles and candy.  This is my bubble child, since she could hold a bubble wand she's always loved bubbles!

I also purchased a bag of 'rose petals' and sprinkled them in the box before I shipped it.

Here is everything...heart tissue paper, polish,
bubbles, candy and yes..hand sanitizer.
You can never be too
sanitized! lol

I lined the box with the tissue paper..

Then I put everything in carefully.....

Then topped it with the rose petals....

I think it's just great to send little care packages as a surprise....I don't tell her when I'm sending one.  A little bit of home for my college girl who's sprouting her wings, finding her independence and becoming an official grown up.  While I'm so very proud of her, I miss her like crazy and still not used to not seeing her every single day. These nineteen years seemed to have just flown one ever told me that would happen!

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