Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Oh Let Me!!

I decided to dedicate a blog post to us moms and our uncanny ability to do pick ups all over the house without batting an eye.  Well, I batted an eye..and my camera each thing in one day I have to pick up that wasn't originally put out by me.

Now, I could just yell and get it all picked up and put away, right? Maybe one day I will...for now it takes too much energy to harp vocally on it. But maybe, with this post, the family de MommieDawn will have mercy via my passive/aggressive blog post.

Come along with me on my daily journey....

This is how every morning starts....the coffee cup left by the can never 
find it's way, at least, into the sink let alone the dishwasher.

The daughterchild follows suit and leaves her breakfast
dishes out for me.

An empty ice cream....SO close to the garbage
but just can't quite make it.

This was left behind when my husband put cleaner
in the toilet, then I cleaned the toilet and noticed this. 
It's ok...oh let me. 

I didn't cook dinner last night, I'm sick...sue me.
THe mister got home from work about 9 45pm
and heated up leftovers. 
These are the non-stick skillets...that my husband
gets sticky. They're not meant to be
cooked on high heat, but he does and I'm left to
clean them. Oh, and clean the stovetop again...

The daughterchild makes tea...mama cleans up.

I don't even...two random spoons that are used and left stranded.

I don't even know what
this is from.

After the mister ate his dinner and went to bed, 
I got to clean again. I soaked the skillet and
put the plate in the dishwasher. It's not
rocket science. 

The daughterchild eats lunch...mama cleans up.

No, don't put the toilet paper on the
holder! Oh let me!

I don't even know...

A cup....left alone.  I'll take care of it.

By the way, this is the part of the house I hate most.
Besides the master bedroom, which I hardly enter.

Oh look! Someone wants to do laundry.
Oh let me!

This is the turtle, Squirtle. She's sleeping and
doesn't GAF about anything.

The rugs I put there after emptying the dryer....but
the measuring cup and tuppereware...not mine.
But I'll clean it up!

Crumbs!  CRUMBS!!! If you want
a piece of cake, I don't mind. JUST DON'T LEAVE
Oh...and don't leave socks on my dang
kitchen counter!

Goodnight, clean kitchen.  I'll catch you
on the rebound in the morning and
we'll do it all over again. 

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