Sunday, June 2, 2013

Just a Little Ditty

Due to some confusion and paranoia from an apparent stalker, I feel I must make some side-notes in this blog post that I hope will make someone feel so much better. 

While the drama that is my life, happens surrounding certain individuals, those individuals forget to realize that there are others who simultaneously wreak havoc as well. 

Given any day that I write a post, there are generally several factors that drive that post....not just one. Stalkers of my blog need to step away and realize they are not the center of my universe. 

I'm happy.

This is me writing that I'm happy, for the most part, with my life. This sentence simply means just that .... that I am happy. 
Despite the jealousy I have of your life and stunning beauty and married to my exhusband, who I just can't let go of, I'm happy. Wow...even dripping with sarcasm, I gagged on that sentence. 

I love my life. For all the f@#ked up drama that  my life has been, I love it. Why? Because it's mine. I am who I am because of it. You are who you are because of yours.

Using 'you' in the sense means 'any reader of this post' not any one particular person. It's not me passive/aggressively writing about you in particular. 

So when I hear someone that's supposed to be so happy, dogging me to people who don't know me, it just makes me feel bad for them.  To be so selfish as to take things that people do for the better of their family and turn it into "poor them" it's just retarded.

This paragraph is regarding my mother.  Making people feel sorry for her that she has a daughter who doesn't speak to her any longer. 

However, given that you, indeed, have been busted talking crap about me, have no fear that I'm not writing about's about my mother. 

I know it's a hard concept for you to grasp, but not everything is about you.  I also understand that while you feel you know everything about me and my life - you don't. 

I love my husband. I love my children. I love my home. I am fine. I bitch when I have to clean. I moan when  I have to cook dinner. And I pout when I miss my college kid. But, I can also admit all that. Because I'm human. I ache with arthritis. I'm not thin like I was in my younger days. I haven't won the lottery. Despite all that, I'm really ok. Saying that I dwell on the negative or I'm jealous because someone else is happy does nothing but make you look like a brat....and delusional.

This paragraph means I am human. While it is true, Mitzie, you have engaged in conversations with others that I must dwell on the negative or trying to convince anyone who will listen that I must be jealous of you....this paragraph is regarding my personal circle of people and life, of which you are not a part of.

What I don't do is pretend to be my stepdaughters' mom. While the relationship with my husband's ex-wife is null and void, I still wouldn't disrespect another mother by pretending her children are mine.

*ALERT ALERT* This portion could be about you, Mitzie, you literally call my daughters your own, bearing a 'MOM' sticker referring to my oldest child and thinks that it's ok to introduce my children as yours.

However, it's regarding a blogger conversation some of us mom/stepmom bloggers had earlier in the week. This is usually one of the driving forces behind my blogging on certain issues, having a great circle of MomBloggers is a great thing to have. 

It must be hard to live your life so angry and so paranoid that everything I do, say, breathe is about you. Also, I have no problem blasting you personally....I have no need to be passive/aggressive. 

I don't guilt trip people when they don't do what I want, or to remind them everything I'm financially doing for them so they feel like they have to stick around do me favors.

This is referring to my mother trying to help me in my life as a single mother. It was her way or no way. Mother made it almost impossible for me to accept help. A $200 Gift Card to Foley's was her 'helping' me....while that money would've done better paying actual bills. 

And, as you can tell, I don't keep things bottled up.

I've been through the wringer from day one....literally.  Abuse, divorce, alcohol, self loathing, eating disorders...blablabla. And despite all of that, I've not killed anyone and then blamed it on my past or family. I'm not a hoarder because of my past. I'm not depressed because of my past. I don't need Jesus either. I'm fine. I'm good. Despite it all, I'm great.

I noticed, Mitzie, you had nothing to say about this paragraph. Did you not find anything related to you in this one? Do you not believe that somehow I am talking about you regarding abuse or divorce or alcohol or eating disorders? I mean, everything else is about you...why not this stuff?

We all have our stories, it's what we choose to do with our stories is how we're defined. Sure, now and again I get down on myself. I'm human.

But, at the end of the day I'm all good. I make my art. I love my family. I cook. I clean. I do the yard. I complain and I laugh.

We did this same thing years ago....after you read a blog
on Myspace that I wrote. Y'all thought it was about
you two, when in reality I was writing
about my brother.

I'll tell you what you told me..stay off my page, you miserable excuse for a human being.
My life doesn't obsessively revolve 
around you. 
Please get that.

Why do the two of you poke and prod around where
you're not invited, then blast bullsh*t wrongfully?

You search for my blog, then search within my blog, then find something that you have convinced yourself is about you and then tell me to STOP?

Please click HERE to view a blog all about you, just for you.


Mitzie Prince said...

You are my personal nightmare. I'm so sick of all the drama YOU have placed in our lives for the last 14 years.

Hacking my facebook page to read my stuff.

I have NEVER written anything publicly about you but the last email was too much.

You got exactly what you wanted...Jessica all to yourself.

OH...and I save EVERY email you've ever sent that contradicts all the garbage you put out there.

All those emails you sent apologizing for being such a nightmare years ago and thanking me for being so good to the girls.

I've been in the girl's lives since they were toddlers. I have NEVER tried to be their Mom. Just because I stopped putting the "step" in front of daughter when I introduce Jacqueline or Jessica does not mean I'm claiming them. I have told you countless times what a good Mom you are and you've told me the same thing.

Why are you doing all this now? It makes no sense.

And YES...I looked up your blog to see if you were ranting about us...which is your right to do.

But I'm tired of ignoring your rants. Just's time to just stop. Aren't you tired of all this hate and drama? I know the girls are.


MommieDawn said...

Here you go, Mitzie. Just for you. All about you.