Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Spray Mount .... Just Like College

I went to art school, interior design program to be exact. Spray mount became my nemesis. I vowed to master make it my bitch.

I used spray mount to adhere fabric swatches, drawings, matting, tiles, floor tiles....just about everything to display boards for presentations. I felt like for 3 years I had a layer of spray mount covering my body. I was always sticky. My clothes had sticky patches. EVERYTHING I touched had a film of sticky.

I revisited, in my mind, my college days this morning while working on my bookshelves.

While perusing the internet in search of ideas, as I do almost daily, I found a great way to revamp my bookcases in the easiest way.  What I found online used wallpaper, but as per my usual, I had to make it even easier. Wrapping paper.

Yep. You read that right. Wrapping paper. I chose a paper that was thicker than normal wrapping paper, it was at Michaels. And I was thrilled that it was the damask type black and white that I had in my head. That never happens.

It's easy peasy. Measure the width of the back of your bookcase. Then cut your paper to width and spray mount that on! There are two ways to do this. Take the back panels off your bookcase and do it that way, or take your shelves off and do it directly to the back from inside the bookcase.

And, yes, there are two after pics. 
When I finished putting everything back on the shelves....
I had to go back and paint some frames black. 
Sue me, it's my form of OCD.

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