Monday, July 15, 2013

Goodwill Table Makeover

Since we've moved, I've not touched the guest bedroom short of putting the naked bed in there.  While at one of my many trips to Goodwill, I found a side table that I thought was adorable with a refinish!  Seven dollars! I couldn't pass it up!

Usually when I redo a bedroom (I have a habit of redoing my daughters' rooms once a year) I start with the bed set and let that dictate the color palate. This time I started with this table. Why I chose green and black, I have no idea...the colors just looked great in my head.

So I sanded the table and did a base color in black. I then did a crackle effect on the top tier and a drag effect on the bottom tier.  To get this effect simply glob paint down in varying thicknesses and wait for about ten minutes. In that time the thinner layer will start to dry but the thicker one will not. Take your clean dry paint brush and drag it along the top in rows. What will happen is the dried paint will stay put and the wetter paint will drag off. I love the effect!

So there is was, the color palate. I found a Bed in a Bag at Anna's Linens that complimented the table and was only $29 on sale. That's sheet set, comforter, dust ruffle and pillow sham. I dug some other pillows I had in storage for the bed and hung a couple of paintings I did a while back. All in all the corner looks cute. Now to do the rest of the room.

Here is the table Before and After

Here is the room corner Before and After

Now I am on the look out for a headboard to refinish and the same with a dresser and other accessories. 
It will happen....


CWBarnes said...

Good job .... I'm having Carter paint one wall in our living room a green ... scary green ... on the lines of your table - but MORE SO!

MommieDawn said...

Thanks! When I was thinking about pain color...naturally I started with black. Most of my home has some sort of black in it. My wardrobe too! LOL

So I went out on a limb with the green...I don't ever do that. But I did and it forced me to decorate differently than I ever do!