Monday, August 5, 2013

Dear Mary Jo

I hear through the twisted grapevine that you have read my blog. Not a surprise. But, if you have an issue with me or anything I say, address me. Don't send anyone to do your bidding. You know how to reach me -so grow up and stop telling so-in-so to tell me this or that.

I'm sorry that what I've written wasn't pleasing for you, but I'll refer you to the top of my blog where it says 'My life, rambling, recipes, rants....'  It wasn't pleasant for me at all to deal with any of this. But you wouldn't know that, would you? Maybe it would have been nice and even 'motherly' to acknowledge the strength it took for me to write such a post. Or possibly find it within your cold, callous, black, tiny, little heart to try and feel something for your daughter because of the pain she's going through.

That's too much to ask, isn't it? You can't control the way I grieve, no matter how hard you try.

If you don't want people to know something that you lied about, maybe take it up with the police department. It's public record.  I have the police report. And it's really sad I had to go to those lengths just to get the truth. You made your other sons lie, one feels really bad. The other told the truth eventually and it spread like wildfire.

I am grieving the loss of my brother. And, thanks to you, I'm grieving all over again because you directed the news to be delivered to me as a lie. I was told everything wrong....the day it happened, how it happened....a lie. Everything. Then bombarded by people I don't even know. So just be honest for once in your life.

I would have hoped that losing a child would snap you back into some resemblance of reality and maybe make you realize the way you do things, the way you've done things all along, is wrong. such luck.

I want nothing from you. You've done nothing but lie my entire life and it's crystal clear nothing will change you. You've lost your parents. You've lost a son. You've lost a daughter. Have you learned anything?

Punishing me with the lies does nothing, because I have ways to the truth. Just stop hurting people.  I feel for your grandchildren, the one you ignore, the one you pretend doesn't exist....those are the ones I hurt for. They did nothing to you, yet you treat them like dirt. That's not grandmother material and it's so sad.

I am the product of what lying does to a person. You've lied to me my entire life and it has left me angry and bitter. The ones you lie to, the ones who really care about the truth, will feel that way too.

In the future, please stop dragging people into your sick world of lies and manipulation. Everyone knows you lie and everyone talks about it behind your back. I'm the only one with balls not to give a damn if you know it or not.

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