Saturday, August 10, 2013

Hot Texas Heat And The Englishman

Whew! It's August in Texas again...that means changing clothes at least twice a day or more.  I get drenched just running to the grocery for a few items!  I just went out back to refill the cats' water tank and take out the trash and I look like a drowned rat!


In other news, we picked up my daughter's boyfriend at the airport a couple of weeks ago, Tom. He flew all day from England to spend a few weeks with us.  I tried to warn him of the heat, but I don't think any amount of warning could have prepped him for what was in store.

My daughter was so nervous at the airport, but it was adorable to me because I'm mom. HA!

On the way to the airport....of course I could not take a photo 
of her. :)

My Nervous Nellie...

Taking a breath while waiting for Tom...

And there you have it folks!
The cutest thing I ever witnessed!

The first awkward picture for mommie. 

Tom was starved, so we stopped at
Whataburger for his first
American burger. 

The next morning he attempted to meet
'Baby'..the stray. 

I took him shopping for Texas appropriate
clothing so he wouldn't die of 
heat stroke. 

They made pancakes one afternoon...

My daughter 'giving direction'...I've taught
her well. 

A lot of afternoons were spent playing
PS3 because of the heat. 

We had Date Night at the movies and Tom
had his first Slurpee. 

Mommie sat away from the love birds. I had to
watch The Conjuring alone.
Not a good idea. 

Silly Self Portrait. 

I pierced Tom's ears and gave my daughter
her third hole. 

My beautiful girl

The boy

Hanging at the lake for the afternoon

Looking for catfish to feed

One day in the car on the way to the mall, Tom said it was so hot in my car his eyes were watering. Poor kid. It is just miserable here. We planned to visit Cameron Park, which is beautiful and with a TON of points of interest from Lover's Leap, Jacob's Ladder and Miss Nellie's Pretty Place to name a few. But this heat is ridiculous and I don't want to heat stroke the poor boy.

His 17th birthday is in a few days so we'll celebrate it here and then he leaves a couple of days after that. I'm not looking forward to that, it will result in two very sad kids.

In funny news, there was just a huge clap of thunder outside and Tom ran down the stairs, "What was that?!"  Thunder...Texas thunder.  Explaining things have been cool....tacos, fruit punch, Pop Tarts. Explaining a drive up ATM.  It's been a blast.

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