Monday, September 23, 2013

Custom Coasters

At DawnMoodyDesign, we've started another custom gift (or personal) idea! Custom Coasters!

How would you like to take a drawing your child did, or a family photo, baby photo, favorite quote...practically anything...and turn it into a coaster?!

Well, we're doing it! If you can scan it, we can turn it into a set of 4 coasters!

Click HERE to see all! 
Including Holiday Coasters!

Contact us at with
your scanned image for a mock up
to approve!

We also carry stock coasters to choose from!

*At DawnMoodyDesign, all orders are made one at a time....because they're one of a kind! No two pieces are exactly the same and turn around on most pieces are 48 hours to shipping. 

*Disclaimer: As much as I would like to say these coasters can withstand both hot and cold beverages… a method that accommodates both has yet to be tested and found. Most likely, the top layer will melt and slightly damage your coasters. It has been found that if you wait a month before using, the top coat will set completely and you can begin using for hot drinks. It’s not guaranteed to withstand extreme temperatures.Coasters are set and top coated with 4 layers of polyurethane. 

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