Wednesday, September 25, 2013

The Perfect Gift!

At DawnMoodyDesign we offer customized and personalized gifts...or to keep for yourself...shelf sitters and coasters!

If you can scan it....we can make it into a self sitting Shelf Sitter or set of 4 coasters!  Images are printed and treated with ant-smudge solution and then sealed to a high gloss finish!

Photos and even your child's art can be made into a custom personalized gift of a Shelf Sitter or a set of Coasters!

Shelf Sitters are cut wood approx 5" x 5.5". They are sanded smooth with the image applied to the front. Any exposed wood is then cream/whitewashed and all is sealed.  The coasters are approx 4" x 4" travertine tiles with the image attached to the front and sealed with a polyurethane sealant that is cured completely after 1 month.

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