Thursday, October 10, 2013

Custom Photo Keepsake Christmas Tree Ornaments

I'm all about photo keepsake gifts! I love giving a gift that is a literal moment frozen in time that can be on display on special occasions, holidays or year 'round!

My newest keepsake is a Christmas Tree Ornament!

A 3 Inch diameter flat round bisque ornament from Dawn Moody Design adorned with a photo of your choice! A Word, Name or Year can be added to the image then smudge treated, applied and sealed.

It's a perfect gift for a loved one or a great way to decorate your own Christmas Tree!
Email a photo to for a mock up and approval, then come back and order!

Click HERE to visit the store!


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annewalker said...

Hey, that's an awesome idea! why I didn't think of that, using photos as tree ornament for christmas tree. Thanks for sharing your idea, this is quite cool!

I want to return the favor, I have some great Christmas tree decorating ideas that you may also find useful. Just feel free to stop by and enjoy.

Happy Holidays!
Anne Walker