Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Just For A Bath...

What would I do for a bath? Well...nothing, really. I mean, its a bath. Right? Just a tub filled with warm water  possibly some bubbles, and accompanied by music and candles. Wait, that sounds wonderful!

What's the point of taking a bath is you don't milk it for everything it's got?!

Sounds dreamy. The fact is, I've had 2 baths in the past year. Two. Oh, I've showered...but sometimes that's just not relaxing. At the risk of sounding like a girly girl, sometimes I  just need some bubbles!

I can't bathe because my tub has become my husband's dirty clothes hamper. "Buy a hamper!" You say? I did. To no avail. It gets used, but not efficiently.

I could take all the dirty clothes and put them in the hamper, but last time I checked, I gave birth only twice in my life and both were female.

I could ask him to clean his mess, and I have. So, I come here and blog to vent passive/aggressively. The same goes for the kids.

I don't ask for much. Clean up your messes...pick up after yourself...maybe clean a toilet every once in a blue moon...put a garbage bag back in the trash can.

I have an ideal life, for the most part. Aside from the aches and pains from a body determined to do me in before my time and dealing with morons of the special kind...its ideal, for me.

It's not hard to pick up after yourself. I even organized
under the sink so everything has a place.

Am I perfect? Not at all. But not only do I clean up after myself, I make a sign to remind the family to do the same and hang it in the kitchen that gets ignored and when it's 11pm while everyone is either asleep or going to sleep...I am cleaning up. Argh.

But one day, I fear I may go postal from PDMD...Post Dramatic Mommie Disorder.

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