Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Monkee's First Sewing Lesson

My little Monkee (named as a toddler because she walked like a baby chimp) had her first sewing machine lesson today.

I've sewn since I was a kid and made clothes, pillows, curtains, blankets blablabla. When my girls were little I made them little bootie pants and sun dresses.  When my girls were older, I got them cross stitching kids, weaving kits, latch hook kits...but it was a passing phase.

The other day, my youngest (16) asked if she could have some buttons sewn onto her messenger bag. So the next day we went to the fabric store and found a bag-o-buttons and came home so I could sew them on.  She watched me do a few and then asked if she could try.

Things like this geek me out. Like total full-on hippy mama geek out. She ended up sewing the rest on herself after I showed her how to thread the needle, knot the end and sew them!

Yesterday she brought up more sewing projects. She has shown an interest in my 1958 Singer Slant-O-Matic machine/table. She also wanted a body form mannequin for projects and hopes to one day make her own clothes. FULL-ON GEEK OUT again.

We went to the fabric store today and got some white fabric, black ribbon and ideas. She wanted to make a 50s style apron. Me, being me, used craft paper to make a pattern and started making cuts.  I showed her how to do straight stitching on the machine and she caught on fast!

I showed her how to do hand basting to make ruffles. She helped making the straps and ties.

Four hours later we were done!

Our next project will be to make a body form mannequin out of chicken wire.

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