Thursday, November 14, 2013

The Feeling Of Accomplishment

I'll toot my own horn when I do something awesome. I'll toot the TOOT out of it! The feeling of doing something, teaching myself something, ACCOMPLISHING something is just so darn awesome!

Back when I was a single mom, I learned A LOT. I had to. From baking and sewing (which I knew a great deal about) to home improvement and plumbing (which I knew very little of). But, I was all "I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar!" and learned what I could to be able to be as self sustainable as I could and not to rely on others or putting others out for my shortcomings.

And now, even as an old married lady, I am still learning. I search the web for DIY things of all natures and today it was washing machine repair. Something I KNOW NOTHING about!

Yesterday morning I started a load of laundry...wait...let me back up.  For weeks now, the dryer vent outside has been gurgling. The vent pipe has to go from the inside of our home, under the ground and to the outside. That's a LONG way for hot hair to travel. All I could think of is that some lint must have gotten in the pipe along the way and the humid, hot air has gathered and puddled. We have yet to be able to get our handyman over here to look at it. It's house related....I can't really fix that part.

But, trust me, I've thought about it. I've through about getting our wet/dry vac and sucking what I could from outside or using a hose inside and flushing stuff out that way. So, we'll see.

Ok, back to the washer...I started a load of laundry yesterday morning and started doing what I do in the AM....make some coffee, play with the kitty, get breakfast...blablabla. Walking through the kitchen, I slipped on water on the floor.

Thing 1 - our floor is such high gloss tiles, you can never tell when it's wet. Thing 2 - Me falling is never a graceful thing.

I automatically FREAK. My body hates me already. I'm ravaged with RA, I'm very early onset of Fibromyalgia, I have a broken tailbone, a gall bladder that needs to be removed, bone spurs and I basically walk like Tim Conway's 'Oldest Man'.

So, falling is scary for me. I slipped and my bed knee (ok, worst knee) twisted, my big toe did something funky and I tried to catch myself on the way down which ended with a bruising bloody gash on my hand..I still can't figure out what I cut it on. Basically, the end pose was a half split and I'm sure wasn't pretty. I am sure it was hilarious to watch, too bad no one saw it. My daughter only heard the end result. Thank goodness I don't (yet) need the Life Alert. I was able to get myself up.

LONG story .... the washer was leaking. It had leaked all the way down to where I slipped which was about 5 feet from the washer. So, yesterday was spent feeling like poop after that fall.. Today should have been spent recovering from feeling like poop....but I've been busy.

I let my husband know what had happened when he got home from work, including my fall. In the end, he was looking up used washers and dryers on Craigslist.

Psh. Please. I got this.

I schooled myself this morning on our washer by watching YouTube videos and reading online. What I did, astounded even me! Ha!

I unhooked the drainage hose and scooted the dryer
forward. ICK! Water and Lint
..and a Halloween sock. 

Ok. Got that clean!
Now, to clean the drainage hose.

At first I thought this was the issue. Ew!
It was all cleaned out and 
put back. 
I checked for drainage by turning the machine on again to see 
if the drum would drain and no dice!

Unplugging the machine, turning off the water, 
removing the hose and finally
taking the front panel off.
To the left is the motor, which works
fine. To the right is the pump, which
is the culprit. 

A moment of clean up after I unhooked
one of the hoses to the
drum and the drum
ridded itself of all the water
through the pump tubes. 

After having my daughter hold the dryer up for me, I released
her from her duty and propped them up on 
two cans. Then it took an act
of god to get this sucker out. The screws were
almost impossible!
But, there it is!

I cleaned everything up, moved it all back and we'll
wait for the new pump!

Now, the dryer. I unplugged it and pulled it out. I removed the hose
from the wall and the machine and made sure it was clean.
It was.
I cleaned out what I could from the machine and replaced the hose.
Then came some online searching on how to vent indoors....just until
we can get the handyman over's taking over an hour to dry
things and that's ridiculous!
What I found was ...... basically get a container, fill with some water (to catch the lint)
and put hose inside and cover. It needs room for the air to I used an old
blanket. I attached the hose to the bucket with some gauged wiring.
I hung the bucket on a hook. 
I clothes-pinned the blanket loosely and made sure there's an escape
for the hot air.
This isn't the FIX IT, it's the temporary until I get
the official temporary 

Which is something like this......

I'm not against buying used things....please. But all I think of is we're buying someone else's problem and that's more for me to have to do in the end. If I can fix it by myself...I will learn how!


The pump came in and I installed it! With a little tweaking of the belts, the washer WORKS!! My husband heard me yelling and came to the kitchen and with my hiney hanging out over the washer so I could make sure the washer was draining into the drain pipe, I was yelling, "I AM A F*CKING GENIUS!!!"

I know I'm not, but damn it felt SO good to fix the washer ALL by myself!

Now, on to laundry. Who gets excited to do laundry? That would be me. LOL

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