Monday, December 2, 2013

Day of Emergence

Today is my birthday.


One year older than last year, a lifetime away from my teens and one step closer to a Life Alert Necklace. HA!

I don't do 'happy birthdays'. People close to me know this. It was so heart warming that those who know wished me a 'Happy Womb Evacuation' or 'Happy Day Of Womb Emergence'.  Don't ask me why, I just hate 'Happy Birthday'.

Being adopted, for me, has been on my mind as long as I can remember. At least once a day it crosses my mind. But, on my birthday, it's a brick wall that I can't scale or walk around. It's the one day that I hope against hope and wish against wish that my birth mother thinks about me.

The two things that have gotten me through the last almost twenty years, are my children. Seeing little mini me's run around is like magic. I see my eyes, my nose, my butt chin, hints of chin dimples. Having that resemblance is so special to me, as it is for just about every adopted person I've ever met in my life.

Today, my oldest posted a photo of herself and she is gorgeous. (Both my daughters are drop dead gorgeous, by the way) My oldest and I look very much alike, so I had to do some visual aid comparisons.

This first one was just of our eyes. Both my daughters
have beautiful green eyes, like me. I will gloat on my
eyes, they're my favorite thing about myself. 
My daughter has more gorgeous eyes than I could ever wish for.

Then I took both photos and overlapped them for a better comparison. 
I think it's oddly and weirdly beautiful. 

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