Friday, January 17, 2014

Dear Dan Patrick

Mayor Parker went to Cali because she wanted to get married.

Shut up, Dan Patrick you inbred hatefilled moron.

 Marriage...not every single a Godly Institution. Reread your Bible and tell us all where it says we can't marry whom we love. It's not there...why? Because the original version of the Bible in Hebrew doesn't have ANYTHING about homosexuality in it. Period.

We all don't marry to have a Christian marriage..sorry boutcha, but we don't all live to please you or your god. Live your life how you wish, we will do the same and respect each other's decisions to do so. Well...I will, I doubt you can. Whenever you can list the reasons why gay marriage ruins your marriage, maybe I'll concede. For most of us, marriage is a union between us and the ones we pledge our love and life to.

To those saying homomarriage is like marrying dogs...... Yes, because marrying two women totally is equatable to marrying a canine. Totally. It makes so much sense. Thanks for pointing that out.

The book of Leviticus was specifically directed to the nation of Israel. The instructions and requirements outlined in the book govern the relationship between God and Israel. They are not universal. This message is confirmed in the final verse of the book. The only Old Testament laws against homosexuality are contained in the book of Leviticus. Seeing as how it was in this book, means it was directly for Israel.

We cannot use the reference in Leviticus, because it is no longer relevant. I find it ironic that Christians reject many of the requirements, because they are harsh, yet they want to retain the harsh treatment of homosexuals. A more consistent approach is to accept that all of the laws in Leviticus have been made redundant by the cross. The apostle Paul taught that we are no longer under the Law in Leviticus. Period.

If you're going to preach the book, learn it.

If you insist that other people observe the Law, then you are burdening people “again by a yoke of slavery,” which makes you a slave master. When people resist your attempt to place them under the Law, they are acting in accordance with the urging of Paul, “Do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery.” A mature Christian cannot be led by the Spirit and follow the Law simultaneously. This is an example of “serving two masters,” which Christ said was impossible.

 With all that said, SUCK IT hateful, judgmental so called Christians. Read your book and learn it because you're wrong

Congratulations, Mayor Parker and I hope you have a happy marriage despite so many strangers feeling it's their job to tell you how much your private life affects them.

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