Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Reality Check

I'm the mother of two. That's how I have defined myself for the past twenty years...well 17 as the mother of two..but a mommie nonetheless.

Twenty years. Two still won't sink in. How the heck did that happen? Where did the time go?

My oldest had her twentieth birthday last week and while I visited her a few days before for a surprise/early birthday type visit complete with a smooshed cake that I made in the shape of a Swedish Fish (her favorite candy) that traveled for more than three hours and one change of vehicles...I still can't believe it....twenty years old!

This past weekend, my youngest and I went for a weekend visit with her and one of her roommates...this roommate is her best friend of almost 8 years...since middle school. Seeing them in this 'grown up' atmosphere still trips me out. Their own apartment, doing their own laundry, cooking...taking care of

Mine are the two on the right and that's 'Sunshine' on the left.

I needed some wine...but no one had a my kid improvised....screwdriver plus knife equals open bottle. LOL

My job this weekend was to cook and fill their bellies with home made cooked food only a mama could make. Oh, and to clean. They didn't ask me to clean, but it's an OCD of's what I's one way I say I Love You. Also, I can't stand any mess, so I have to or I go crazy.

It wasn't a complete mess of an apartment...but like, the art over the sofa wasn't symmetrical and if I didn't fix it I'd have to stay outside....they didn't have a toilet brush and I just really had to clean that daughter's room was not organized and shelves were not utilized so I had to remedy that.

One day the girls wanted to run around and go eat sushi....I wanted my daughters to have some girl time with each did my MamaHeart good to see them together after so long....but I also wanted to clean with no one home.

I organized and dusted my daughter's room, swept and mopped the apartment, cleaned as many baseboards as I could, hung up their cutting boards to make them more accessible than under a lot of stuff on top of the know, what I do. LOL In fact, the night that I cleaned, before I went to bed I think the last thing I uttered to my daughters, "Tomorrow...I have to clean that toilet!"  No, but, seriously...they didn't have a toilet scrubber! I went and got one then next day and HAD to make a B-Line to that toilet!

Organization and symmetry is a must...or I go crazy. 
I had to make the art over the sofa
symmetrical....I'm crazy, I know this. 

Bam...everything has a place, or I made one

Clean and organized!

While I was cleaning, they even brought me back
some sushi!

Sunday morning I made migas....the girls' Tita
taught me many moons
ago how to make it and it's one of
their favorites...

Those green beans look burnt...and they are..but
that's how you make our dago green beans. It's Italian
bread crumbs, EVOO and parm cheese and it's
my college girl's favorite!
And some pasta with Tofurky sausage.

It was a great weekend...not near long enough, but school starts back on Wednesday and they needed some prep time. The Reality Check of the fact that I have a grown daughter is starting to sink in...even more so when she took us on a short tour of the campus and running some errands. I bequeathed her with the title of Danger Mouse (a nickname I was given as a teen when I was first driving).

I can't wait for our next visit, or her next visit to us. Living so far from my child takes it's toll because I've always been a Helicopter Mom with no apologies or regrets....but I have learned to allow her to be the grown young woman I helped to cultivate. I did make her be my pillow once...and I may or may not have told her to shrink and jump in my pocket while hugging her goodbye.

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