Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow In Texas

For those Northerners who LOVE to mock us because we flip out over snow.....suck it! LOL

We don't get snow. Hardly ever. So when we get snow, we flip out. Deal with it.

Ya know how you put boots on a dog...and the dog walks like he's got hot coals on his paws? Yeah....we're kind of like that dog.

Last Thursday, we got snow. And...I flipped. I was outside in my jammies freezing to pieces taking photos because I love it. We get one day of snow...then nothing more...maybe for a few years. are my pics of snow....because I'm a Texan who flips over it.

Earlier in the day it was I got my
hopes up!

Later teeny snow flurries. 
Then I checked again and saw THIS! So, I grabbed
my camera!

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