Monday, January 20, 2014

Vegan Nachos

I was trolling Instagram, as I do, looking for recipes. You have NO idea the ideas that are out there with the help of a hashtag!

#vegan #vegetarian #veghead #tofu

So many possibilities and delicious photos of food in my face! This is how (along with Pinterest) I gather ideas for vegan and vegetarian dishes to feed my family. The two most important things must be EASY and CHEAP. Period. Those are a must. We're all about budgets and I get a HIGH from saving money.

I had posted a photo of supper I made and was checking my notifications, and @collegiatevegan liked the photo. Oh, I had to check them out! Hmm...too interesting NOT to check them out!

It's an adorable couple of kids (I'm old, I'm allowed) who eat and cook vegan on a college budget. Come on! What's NOT to love?!  Now, I may just have stumbled onto a goldmine of menu planning for my family! Seriously?! Everything posted looks SO delish!

I saw their photo of vegan nachos and I just KNEW that is what I had to make my little fam!

I had everything I I was set to make supper!  Here's what I did....

Rice - To a saute pan with coconut oil, add a chopped onion and 1 cup white rice. Cook until rice browns. Add 1 cup of water and 1 cup tomato juice. ( I also added cilantro bouillon) Turn it on low and cover and let it cook.

Chips - Cut flour (or corn) tortillas in slices then in half to make chips and cook in oil...either vegetable or coconut oil. When you take them out, sprinkle with garlic salt.

'Meat' - Either veggie ground 'meat' or like I did...veggie burger cut up.

 Saute spinach and mushrooms with seasonings Then beans....I did black beans or you can use pinto beans and slightly mash them for 'refried' beans. Then assemble.

For having no cheese and no grease (like Mexican food is supposed to be like) it really is SO good and satisfying. I forgot to cut up the just imagine those in there too. I ate every spec on my plate!

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