Monday, February 3, 2014

Home Schooling For Life

Last week I saw a photo going around Facebook.

I agree.

I never learned any of these things in high school. High school did not prepare me for 'life'. While I do agree, also, that it's the parent's job to also prepare a kid for seems to be more interested in teaching our children how to take tests or how to answer those test questions for the state. Stats. Numbers. Ranking.

Makes me ill.

I was brought up by my parents to be codependent. To be taken care of. To be a wife. I felt I was groomed to do what was expected of me.....but not to be independent or a go-getter.

Almost 5 years ago, I made the decision to take my youngest out of school and begin to home school her. 7 years ago she was diagnosed on the spectrum of Austism with Aspergers. I wrote some about Aspergers HERE a while back.

Another big reason I took her out of school was her anxiety...which is very great....and bullying. Kids can be so mean, and it breaks my heart my daughter was ever made fun of by insecure kids themselves. It makes me want to sucker punch all their parents for jobs horribly done.

When I first started home schooling her, I was also working full time. Talk about a full plate! Luckily, I had a great boss who allowed me to take her with. She sat at an adjacent desk with a computer and did her studies part of the day and 'played' games or internetted the rest. Now, I'm a SAHM, which makes is so much easier to do lessons. It's still a struggle in that I don't want her to get bored and I want her involved in the planning of her own studies.

At first, I gathered material for her curriculum online. I searched the internet over for grade appropriate work, I ordered some books for classes, but most were printed out. I didn't want her to be bored, or get bored, so I tried to keep it interesting. We've done documentary days with docu's that corresponded with her lessons. On Friday's its always been Reading Day, where she reads from a book that we would purchase of her own interest. Talking about the book is a way for me to understand she's comprehending.

This is her Junior Year in high school. This year, for the first semester, I allowed her to choose what she wanted to study....whatever interested her. She got Astrology, Aquatic Science along with the regular literature and vocabulary lessons. It worked wonderfully because she was already interested in these subjects and was getting to actually learn more about them.

For her second semester, and primarily her Senior Year, I am concentrating on LIFE.  I need to prepare my child for life. Paying bills, buying cars, paying rent, cooking and converting, banking, taxes.  I need to be able to send her into the world knowing that she is prepared. While I'll always be here for my kids, I want to give them what i wasn't given and had to learn the hard way.

The lessons I've found for LIFE actually come from NWT Literary Council and are wonderful. They are a charity not-for-profit organization. Although they are based in Canada, the lessons work perfectly for us. I change some of the measurements and weight etc to US ones....but other than that it's a dream.

The work is dealing with money math, kitchen math and living skills. She'll learn how to rent cars, pay taxes, what taxes are, how to save, all about paying bills, all about how to actually read and check for accuracy her water and electric bills, getting a cell phone and paying those bills and so much more.

Here's a link for one of the workbooks we're working out of.

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