Thursday, February 20, 2014

Just Soup

I love making soup. Soups, for me, are so easy to make. I start with a base, then build it. The end is just letting everything marry and cook through. Then the decision to serve over rice or noodles...or the last step. 

I've been asked by many how to make this soup or that soup and I will give away my recipes because I love that someone wants to make something I cooked! I wanted to do this post as a catch-all for basic vegetable soup. 

You can add anything...beans, noodles, potatoes, onions...any in season vegetable...even frozen or canned veggies if you want. But the base is what's important.  I like to start with a tomato base. 

Firstly...I'll apologize for the photos. They were taken with my phone as an after-thought about this post. I just wanted to do this blog post for those of you who making soup doesn't come natural. 

For a tomato based soup, take your tomatoes, I used Roma, and cut an 'X' at the bottom and toss them in some boiling water for a few seconds...or until you see the skin peeling away. Then put them in an ice water bath and take them out to remove their skins. 

Then I take the tomatoes and give them a rough chop. At this point you can choose to remove the seeds or keep them, then throw them back in the pot you had the water in. I remove the water and add some olive oil. The pot's already heated so there's no waiting.

I use my hand potato masher and squash the tomatoes, add a little salt and stir.

Then slice some onions and chop some garlic and stir. Cover for about 7 minutes and stir again.

Once everything is kind of cooked down, add your water!

Return the pot to the stove and then add your veggies. I added spinach, carrots, more onions, zuchinni, peas and some vegetable bouillon and cilantro bouillon. I covered it, lowered the heat to medium-ish and let it all cook for about twenty minutes or so. Just until the carrots were done. 

And here you have it! I added sliced avocado on top....
You have NO idea how delicious avocado is
on top of warm soup.

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