Wednesday, March 19, 2014


It rarely happens. It's kind of like seeing a unicorn or Loch Ness Monster. A very rare occurrence.

It happened today.

A few days ago I completed a custom order that was a gift for a friend of hers who recently lost their beloved Sable. Losing a pet is hard, they become like our children, our fur-kids. She sent me a photo and something to have written on it. It touched me to even be making this gift, but reading her reaction was priceless.

 "It came in the mail today and the wild thing is that her name is nearly the same as mine . This is the most beautiful shelf sitter ♥♥ we will treasure it always. The kids were ecstatic to see the picture of her when when she was healthy and fat 😊 - it made them smile and they will now carry THAT as their last memory of her rather than that terrible night. And my thanks can not be adequately expressed for how grateful I am to you for that my dear friend.

I'd love to share with everyone but I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable. Would you mind? I could even leave out a specific name if you want to remain anonymous. You truly changed my day, it is the first time the cloud has lifted and my bestie and I were on the phone and she said she was glad to hear me laugh, it had been a while. So I thank you too for bringing our laugh back. ♥♥

I'm so touched, you have no idea. It means so much to me that I can bring a smile to a family like this.

 Thank you Just An Ordinary Girl for your kinds words. It reiterates to my bones, I truly am doing what I love.

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