Wednesday, July 30, 2014

#NoMakeUp #NoFilter

More and more women, famous and not, are posting photos on Instagram with no make up and no filter. The famous ones seem to become heros.

Really? We're supposed to think how brave these women are because they're posting selfies with no make up? That's Brave?

There are SO many articles out there these days...

I'm over it. 

Ladies, it doesn't take balls or bravery or a dare to post a no make-up selfie. It's you. It's your face. Own that shit!

Our young girls of this modern world have such a warped version of what's important these days. Now, more than ever!

With the ability to share everything, literally, with the entire world at the push of a button our kids are far beyond risk. Risk of abduction, risky sex, horrible behavior and inappropriateness of ginormous proportions it's hard to comprehend.....even for as adults. Their self body image is trashed. Their self esteem plummets with the speed of a click. It's surface comparisons. 

It's "Look what I got!"  "Look what I can flaunt!"  "Look at my boobs....!"  Constant physical comparisons. Our attention spans have shrunk to that of a housefly. 

But, back to the selfies. Don't be brave. Be human. Embrace your face. I have. Every wrinkle, I've earned. Every sag, I've earned. I have my dad's baggy eyelids and I'm proud of them. Would I love to have a tighter face....ass....arms that don't wave after I've stopped? Sure....but I also want a house made of marshmallows. Reality people. 

Here I am being so ballsy, so brave, so daring. Oh wait...nope....sorry. It's just me taking a picture on a Wednesday morning during my daily routine at the lake. 

I don't think I'm even all the way awake in this photo, but the teenager must run at the lake every morning and there's no sleeping in for this mama!

In conclusion - I want to dare you to find your balls and be comfortable in your own skin. 


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