Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving 2014


I'm getting old....or my body is, rather.  Two days of cooking and prepping and I can barely move right now.

It's currently 11 05pm on Thanksgiving night and the house is quiet, Life Below Zero is on, my belly is full and the kitchen is clean. Thanks to my husband who took a very loud hint from me....  A pot of turkey stock is in the fridge for Turkey and Dumplins for the annual Leftover Supper.  And I am beat.

This year was a little different...we have a new family member that just fell into our laps the other day. Her name is in Maple Leaf....and she's friggin adorable.

That face....

I mean, come on!

I can't even....

Oh my god...

Earlier in the week I had the cable guys over to hook up the internet to our DVR because it needed some special cord or know, something technical that I have no idea about.  One of the guys was inside showing me features and the other one opened the door (I had the garage door up so he was using the house door from the garage) and said, "Is this your dog?" and in runs the tiniest furball ever.

No, it wasn't our dog..but it is now.  I asked neighbors, no one owned her. So she's ours. My teen has been begging for a dog....albeit a BIG dog...but she's in love with Maple.  I took her straight up to my kid and just opened her door and waited for her to remove her ear buds and look at me. Her jaw dropped and I said, "Here....hold this...I'll finish with the cable guys and be right back."

We gave her a bath and I ran and got some food and toys.....and a cute tee shirt for her....and we're in business. Just need to get her fixed and get her shots and we're golden.

So, on top of cooking, I've been bell potty training ....and it's slow going....but we've had few accidents and she's learning. I am harness/leash training her and she's taking to it very well as the walks happen. Whew.

The night before, I put together the cinnamon buns for breakfast (after I made a pie, put together the casseroles).  I cut them and put them in their baking pan to rise in the fridge over night. I took them out this morning and let them rise for an hour then baked them. Cream cheese frosting on top and we stuffed our faces.

I just stuck to the basics, sorta, this year for the menu. I made my usual boobie turkey.

Cut an orange in half and separate the skin from the breast meat and shove each
half in position.  Cook your turkey as usual, but cover the boobs with tin foil. Uncover
for the last 15 minutes or so to brown them. It flavors the meat and skin.....
And looks hilarious. 

I made my green bean casserole, with a twist. I used soy sauce instead of  Worcestershire sauce. It gave it a nice tang.  My sweet cornbread dressing came out awesome and will make perfect cold dressing sammiches for lunch....that's an old family thing. 

I made mashed tators and giblet gravy. 

For the mashed potatoes, I used red potatoes with the skin on. I roasted
a head of garlic in the turkey roasting pan and added it to the tators. 

The giblet gravy - delish. I boiled the innards and neckbone in water with celery and green onions. 
I removed the neckbone and innards....took the meat off the neck and added it back to the pot.
I cut the liver and gizzard very small and added those to the pot. 
I cut up three hard boiled eggs and added them. 
Then I took some broth and put it inside a mason jar.....about halfway up. 
I added about 1/3 cup of flour, put on the lid and shook it.
When the pot was at a boil, I poured in the thickener. 
It was a thing of beauty. 

The one thing I made this year that I have never, ever made - Homemade Cranberry Sauce.  I made it earlier in the week so all the flavors could grow for today. Now, I hate the stuff. Won't touch it. I hate cranberries. I loathe fruit on my savory and meat dishes. But, the family loves it. 

I took a bag of cranberries covered them in water and started the stove. I added about 1/2 cup of sugar, the juice of one orange, 1 tsp of cinnamon and the zest of one orange. When it was all cooked down, I jarred it and put it in the fridge. This morning I added the juice of half an orange and warmed it up. According to the was delicious. I wouldn't know....but it looked gorgeous in it's bowl. 

After we ate, I took the little stinker on a walk. I live in a beautiful town...we have a lot of country around us. Just breathtaking. 

And dessert. I'm all about the pie. This year, I did apple. I do a very simple apple pie. I don't like the sludge that accumulates with you add all the butter and sugar. I like to taste the apples and have them almost crisp. 

I used four huge red apples, peeled and cored them and cut them very thin. I tossed them with lemon juice then about 2 tbsp of flour and 1/2 cup of sugar then sprinkled in cinnamon and pumpkin pie spice. No butter. Then throw into a crust, brush top with milk and sprinkle with sugar. Be srue to cut weep holes so it doesn't boil over or explode. I cut a little heart out and placed the cut out on the pie.

I baked it at 375 with foil over it for about 25 minutes, removed the foil and baked for another 20-25 minutes. It's delicious. Very simple but very flavorful. 

Now I must lie down for a proper food coma. 

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