Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Can You Dig It?

Today is a gloomy, very cold (For Central Texas), windy and grey day. I love days like this. I'm a winter, SO not a summer.

So, I decided it's the perfect day to watch Head.

I've loved the Monkees since I was a young teenager, thanks to the reruns of their shows from the sixies that played in the eighties. My cousin and I went nutso for them. Went to every concert in town when they came for their anniversary shows we could. Ah, memories.

There's a song from the movie, Can You Dig It?. Featured on their soundtrack to the movie, Head, released in 1968.  This portion of the movie was my motivation for my Halloween costume the year I first saw the movie, which was 1986.

Belly Dancer. My mom made the costume and I even carried a tape player with me with a tape playing this song. Mind you, these were the days before iPods, so it was a hand held tape recorder/player. I'm sure I was the only person who got what the song was, what it was from or why it went with my costume.

That was totally fine with me.

This was probably my favorite Halloween ever. Thank, Monkees.

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