Friday, December 5, 2014

Easy DIY Christmas Centerpiece

I'm ALL about a simple DIY project. Especially around Christmas time!  This one just kind of came to me one day before Thanksgiving while I was trimming a tree out front.  I was snipping these limbs off and laying them on the ground and it struck me how neat they would look spray painted in prettied up bottles.

That's the tree from the balcony....behind that is the mister on the ground.

I got sidetracked and made some reindeer from buds from our
Magnolia Tree.

Here are the limbs drying out.
RIP vintage vase that got broken because the cat is a moron who loves to break things.


Idea born.

All I did was get some Epsom Salts poured out on a newspaper. I brushed glue on wine bottles and rolled them in the salts and let them dry. Then I spray painted them silver.

I got a gold charger (I have tons of these for some reason....time to use them) and brushed glue on it and sprinkled glitter and let that dry. Then I glued round ball ornaments and the bottles on the charger.

I still have to paint the branches. I'm torn between gold or silver. Or white. Glitter or no glitter. Torn, I tell you.

Pay no attention to the fact that it's Texas and we never get actual
seasons and I have the back door open to let a breeze in.

Ignore the puppy....

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