Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Easy No Sew Pet Bed

So far, since Maple has been with us, she's taken to my blanket. Only my blanket. When I have it put away....she whines. If a pillow is on top of it, she tries to smoosh between the pillow and the blanket.

I decided to make her a bed out of the same kind of blanket as mine instead of buying a bed. The cat has a bed...but after I made Maple's he was acting like he owned it. Ugh.

Here we go.

Step One:
Get a blanket and a pillow.
Preferably, one without a crazy animal on it.

Step Two:
Fold the blanket over the pillow and cut around the pillow
with at least a three inch allowance.
Again, preferably without rabid animals on it all. 

Step Three:

Step Four:
Cut one inch strips ALL around the blanket. 

Step Five:
Tie coordinating top and bottom strips together in simple knots.

Step Six:
Inform the cat it's not his bed

Step Seven:
Show the dog she has a bed.

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