Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Happy Birthday To Me


Forty Four

I'm forty four years old today.


Holy Shit.

Generally, I never say 'happy birthday' or 'birthday'. I say it is the day of the general evacuation from someone's nether region day. Why? Well....I hate getting older, for one. For another, I'm adopted and having absolutely nothing about my birth mother ever revealed to me by people who have the's made me a little twisted and jaded.

Anywho - I've spent the day making my pets sweaters, doing some Christmas decorating, then blogging about it all.  My 17 year old, who turns 18 ten days from today (holy shit, again) made me a cake.

She's a great little chef. I would like to say I taught her everything she knows, but she's learned a lot on her own. And when I say she made me a's from scratch. Except the icing. Baby steps, I tell her.

We had  a little hiccup when the cakes wouldn't come out easily and I could tell she was upset. She's a perfectionist. So I worked my magic and got them out and iced the bottom to get her started. She finished, as I was giving her icing tips...annoying her to no end. She then said, "Can I just put the sprinkles on already?!"  I said, "Before I die I'd like to think I taught you something." LOL

44  I'm almost dead now.

The perils of war....chocolate war. 

She gives the thumbs up....heaven forbid I take a teenager's 
picture without permission. LOL


24 Candles....the mister thought he was doing me a favor.
I WANTED 44!! I wanted to see the fire of forty forty years!

Towering Inferno. 


My daughter really did a bang up job! This is the most 
MOIST cake ever!

And this is 44 year old me.

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