Tuesday, December 2, 2014

No Sew Pet Sweater

What a better way to put an old sweater to good use? Let your pet wear it!

We got this sweater a while back at a Goodwill but my daughter ended up not liking it so much. So it hung in her closet. Now the pets are wearing it!

This is an easy, NO SEW project for a pet sweater.

Here is Maple modeling her fall inspired chenille sweater.
*insert retro runway music*

Now this really can't be easier....

Step One - Cut a sleeve 
Don't worry if you cut to's easier to taper than add to it. 

The head goes through the wrist section.
Step Two - Make two small cuts for the arms.
Flatten the sleeve with the seam down the middle. 
On either side of the seam is where you cut the arm holes.
The farther from the head opening, the more of a turtleneck it will be.

Maple was too interested in the carpet. 

...then licking her chops....

...then bad lighting....

Now, for the cat. 
Cats hate wearing clothes....but that doesn't stop me.
This is a great shot of Ruby.....

Ruby showing the versatility of the sweater.... 

Ruby is really a great model....showing it can be for dress up or sports!

Round 2.

He gave up.

Round 3.

Still not done....

I gave up on trying to get a decent picture.
You get the idea. 

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