Friday, December 12, 2014

My Wee Monkee's Coraline Inspired Cake

The birthday girl asked for a Coraline cake months ago.

So I tried to fulfill her wishes, the best I could. I am not a baker cake maker cake boss by any means. I forgot the white candle holders. I forgot to do the scroll work at the bottom. Not perfect at all. BUT....I did the best I could! lol

Working with a goopy buttercream wasn't easy. But basically it's a three layer devil's food cake with chocolate icing and a pink buttercream with extra milk to make it goopy and piped down the sides like it's dripping and covering the top.

The easiest way to make layer cakes is to use parchment paper
or wax paper in the bottom of the pan.

Cut to size, 

Put into the pans, 

Oil the pan and put in the paper and oil
the paper and sides of the pan. 


Easy flip, 

And pull off the paper!

Simple buttercream.
1lb of powder sugar
1 stick of butter
1 capfull of vanilla (I use Mexican Vanilla)
2-3 tbsp milk (more or less depending on how you want the
And I used red food coloring for the pink. 

Then build your layers!

Time for the goop.

I used this tip for the drippies. 

There you have it! She seemed happy, so that made me happy! 

Then after she blew out her candles, I had a surprise with this!

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