Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Very Easy Garland Accent

For the first time (besides the home I grew up in) I have a staircase to decorate for Christmas! What's weird is I only have a small section to do that's exposed. So I wanted to do something small and simple with things I already had.

When I was growing up, we had a staircase that my mother decorated every I got older, and being the only girl...I got to help. I loved making it different each year. The staircase was in the front entry so it was always grand. Here...not so's by the back door and small. So, simple it is.

The ribbon and ornaments came from the dollar store.
The wire I had from jewelry making. 

First, cut about 18 inches of ribbon (give or take)

Thread the ribbon through the hanger part. 

Make it even on each side. 

Loop one side through the back of the hanger on itself.

Pull through to make the bow and hanging tie. 

Do the same with  the other side. 

Fashion a hanger. You can use the hanger than comes with the
ornament, but I wanted mine much stronger.

Then, hang on the stairs!

These can be hung on the tree, from light fixtures...
virtually anywhere!

And here's our tree.

I have been bragging on our tree this year.

It's the biggest tree I've had in twenty years, probably.

And it was FREE.

Last year after Christmas, someone put it on FreeCycle.

So I snatched it.

Google FreeCycle to find one in your area.

They're Yahoo Groups and it's filled with  free items people don't want.

And you can give away things you don't want.


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