Thursday, January 29, 2015



Don't do it.

Do not come to my house and expect to watch foozball.

In my opinion it's stupid.

Overpaid dudes running around in tight, shiny pants after a ball from one end of a square field to another. They do drugs. They beat their wives. They retire and own pizza joints and do insurance commercials and get fat and happy and live high off the hog that fed them.

Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

For what they get paid for one game, ugh. I have so many evens that I just can't.

My husband isn't allowed to watch foozball downstairs. He goes upstairs, with his head hanging in shame while announcing he's going upstairs to the bedroom to watch it. Like a good boy.

People whine, "It's just a game!"  That's right. It is just a game. A stupid game that SO MUCH MONEY is wasted on!

With the StupidBowl coming up, I am on edge this time of year. I flip the channel at any mention. Well, except for the announcement at the half time show. That, I am usually a tad bit interested in. But, even that I don't watch on game day.


Because, Youtube and internet. Duh.

This year it's Katy Perry. Lip synching, no doubt. In a million costume changes. Tons of glitter and some sort of something, possibly foozballs, on her boobies.

So, on StupidBowl night, I'll be doing what I do on award show nights, watching anything else. Let's Go, Netflix!

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cbaksh said...

I approve of this message.