Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman? HELL YES!

SNOW!!! We had SNOW today!

Now, now....before y'all start making fun of us rednecks freaking the hell out over an inch of snow that we got - shut up!  Seriously. We will always freak out over snow. Just like you Northerners freak out when it's above 80 degrees.....try 114, hosers. :P

Anywho - back to me. 


I died and went to heaven for about two hours today. 

Maple, surprisingly, loved it!
She's scared of everything, so I was pleased. 

It was the first snow for both of my fur babies.

This morning I was on the front balcony. 
The ice was amazing.

Piling up! lol

Maple had a ball. 
Her favorite is eating the snow.

Wee paw prints!

Heading out to the grass!

It got a LOT more snow than this. 

My Valentine's Day decor was beautiful!

Can you tell I was a little excited?
In and out.
In and out.
One set is my hubbies, though.

I could've stood out there all day!

I built a snow man.
His name was Herb.

Later, my wee neighbor Katryna found the remnants of Herb and threw the head
at her mother. 

RIP Herb. 

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