Thursday, February 19, 2015

My Baby Is Across The Pond

I feel like an official Empty Nester. I have one in college and my baby is in England.

She's been with her boyfriend for three years now and he's as sweet as can be. A mature, caring, funny, responsible red headed boy. We just love him.

He's from a small village in England.

He's visited us several times and we've loved having him. Long distance relationships are hard, one this long distance has been a struggle for these two kids. He was determined to take my baby with him for a visit to show her his home. We agreed she could go, she's 18 after all. But that didn't soften the blow to my Mommie Bone in the least.

I plan to home school her via Skype and we plan to dismiss the 6 hour time difference and talk to each other as much as we can, day or night.

He came in last Friday and they both left yesterday morning. I held it together as long as I could. Then, all bets were off. I lost it.

They were so excited to see each other when
he got in!

Thumbs Up!

That look on my kid's face - pure happyfeels. 

I put together a Valentine's Day picnic at the
lake for them. 
I also bribed them into a mini photo shoot. lol

They're so cute. 

She made a cake for the occasion.
Quite the inventive baker!

These two are my favs. 

Last breakfast at home that I prepared. 

Checking luggage....

Checking tickets....

And like that....they were gone. 
I stood there as long as I could.
Wiping tears and snot from my face.
Tippy toe standing and head bobbing
to watch that little green head for as long
as I possibly could. 

The last I saw was them walking on the tarmac. 
She turned her head slightly to look at her boyfriend and
she was smiling.
That did this mama good. 

Last selfie at the airport until I get
to hug her again. 

And Mommie's Crazy Cry Face.

They had three flights, the last one being almost ten hours. The last flight, the longest flight, was delayed for more than three hours. Then when they landed, the TSA detained her and went through her luggage and questioned her to death. I was in constant contact with the boyfriend's mother until they were safely home and she was passed out asleep after literally almost 24 hours of travel. 

I feel like I've lost some limbs with my babies not so much babies anymore. 


leslie Pittman-Estrada said...

Wow. I cannot imagine mine going so far so young....just curious....How did they meet? If I am prodding, I apologize.

Mommie Dawn said...

Hey girl! They met online on Facebook and have been together 3 years. Xoxo

Mommie Dawn said...

Hey girl! They met online on Facebook and have been together 3 years. Xoxo