Friday, May 22, 2015

Father's Day Is Coming!!!

We just added Clove Mint Shaving Soap in a cute glass mug with a lathering shave brush to the store at MoodyMoments!

This is a great shaving soap with it's scent of clove and peppermint! As usual, my husband is my guinea pig for all my men's products and he LOVES this shaving soap! He uses it every morning. It works AND smells GREAT!

Clove is kind of a “wonder oil”, and is said to be everything from antiviral to anti-aging.  Clove also has a great “spice” scent. It is a strong spicy scent with a very potent stimulating effect.

Peppermint oil is probably my favorite scent, I think.  The smell is awesome, the cooling feeling on the skin can’t be beat, and the effects of the oil are awesome. Mint oil is very beneficial to both hair and skin and has stimulating effects on both, as well as antiseptic and regenerative qualities.
The smell of both...I mean....come on!

The base soap is a glycerin base exclusively for shaving soap to hold a good lather. One ounce of goatsmilk soap is added for it’s anti-inflammatory and acne treating properties.  It comes in a clear glass mug with a shaving brush for easy ready to go lathering and shaving!

Vitamin E oil c ontains antioxidants and can stimulate blood circulation (which is good for all parts of your body) It is also said that Vitamin E can help prevent premature ‘greying’ and can repair split ends. It also adds shine to hair.

  1. Wet your brush under running hot water or fill up your sink with hot.
  2. Make sure the brush bristles have soaked up the hot water. The point is to retain the moisture in the brush so that it gets directly to your face to soften your beard hairs and open pores. So, don‘t tap too much excess water off the brush.
  3. Lather up the soap using circular motions directly in the mug.  After 25 seconds, you should have achieved a thick, warm lather.
  4. Apply and massage the warm lather with the soaped brush evenly across your face in circular motions. This will also increase the lather‘s density, soften your whiskers, and allow them to stand up, allowing the razor to sit close to the base of the hair follicle.
  5. Empty excess water from the soap container and leave it open so it can air-dry.

Ingredients – Glycerin Shaving Soap Base, Goatsmilk Soap Base,  Vitamin E Oil (Alpha-Tocopherol), Clove Oil (Syzygium aromaticum), Peppermint Oil (Mentha × piperita)

Orders will be processed when payment is received. If payment is not received within 48 hours of ordering the order will be canceled and the product will be relisted.
Returns cannot be accepted due to the nature of the product. Once the package is handed over to USPS we cannot control what happens to it. If there is a delay in shipment or the package is received in damaged condition please notify us and we will try to rectify any problems.
Do small skin test before using fully, might contain allergens to certain individuals.

Disclaimer: DawnMoodyDesign makes no claims about the health benefits of any products. These products are intended to support general well-being and a holistic lifestyle. This information is for educational purposes only, it is not intended to treat, cure, prevent or, diagnose any disease or condition. Nor is it intended to prescribe in any way.

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