Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Does Jennifer Aniston Hate This Picture?

This image is circulating around the internet thanks to Jennifer Aniston's Facebook page. So, let's start there. Aniston isn't a fan of social media. In fact, Jennifer Aniston is not on social media. There are Arabic posts on the page as well, and as far as I know she doesn't speak Arabic.

This should have stopped everyone there. But, not everyone does their homework.

Secondly, the image is not a new image. I've personally traced it back to 2009 and read that it may be as old as 13 years old. I read that it is a photograph taken in 2000 by Ed Freeman, a photographer and a gay man.

According to _

According to Wikipedia, the picture you see to the right was taken in the early 2000’s by Ed Freeman. The person posting this picture under Jennifer Aniston’s name is making it sound like it was taken after the recent Supreme Court ruling. This is not true, it was taken years ago. This flag has also been sold online for years at sites like Getty Images.

The person impersonating Jennifer Aniston also posts videos in Arabic by a person named Ahmed Deedat. His own scholars have accused him of being Anti Christian/Anti any religion other than Islam. Furthermore people on his own facebook page have accused him of spewing hatred against Christianity and they also claim to of have tried to get him suspended.

PLEASE research. Never just sit back and get force fed bullshit then bend over and vomit it out for others to see. LEARN. 

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