Sunday, July 12, 2015

I Did It!

With my RA on the rise in my hands (I've dropped three dog bowls and broken them so far this year.....a new record), I get very excited when I complete a project!  I get even more excited when I complete a project that involves things using my hand strength and it ends up looking pretty good!

That brings us to my latest project.

With all the orders I get in with DawnMoodyDesign, I had all my soap making and lotion bar making and lip balm making (you get the idea) all on my counter top in the kitchen. I can't take a mess. I can't take disorganization. It drives me batty.

I have previously made space in my pantry for some of my basics and bases, but I had all my essential oils and soap molds sitting out. Which meant that at least a 1/4 of my counter was occupied by a mess.

It started by a trip to the 99 Cent Only Store where I saw simple brackets. 2 for 99 cents. I originally bought them to put up a shelf in my kid's room. But I bought three sets and thought I'd make some in the kitchen first.

I went to Lowes and looked at lumber. At first I thought I'd just get like a 2x6, but then I saw some pine 2x2's and thought how cute it would be to glue three pieces together. Just so they're not so boring. That way, I could leave them unfinished too.

So, I cut the wood pieces in half and sanded them all down. Then I took three at a time and glued them together to make one slat. I ended up with three shelves.

I screwed the brackets to the walls and instead of screwing the shelves to the brackets, I turned a lip on them. In other words, the extra part where the wood shelf didn't cover, I turned up to act as a lip.

As far as price - this is the MommieDawn Squeeee part.

5 pieces of lumber at $2.98ea
3 sets of brackets at .99ea
$17.87 (minus tax)

UNDER twenty dollars for three shelves. I'd say that's a pretty good deal!  Even with my RA and everything else that ails this old sluggy body....I did it in one morning/afternoon.

May not seem like much to a lot of people, but I'm pretty proud of myself. LOL I even measured and leveled. Just sayin'.

Oh, I forgot to post this on the 4rth.....a cute dessert I made.  I just made a basic vanilla butter cake recipe and added red food coloring to one and blue to another and cooked them in 8" rounds. Then crumbled them up, layered with whipped cream, strawberries and blueberries.

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