Sunday, August 16, 2015

Easiest Most Refreshing Dessert EVER

It's been a little busy around youngest FINALLY got back from England with her boyfriend in tow and my oldest made a surprise roadtrip to surprise me this week! I've fallen behind on the Capture Your 365 project and keeping up with my house cleaning. Oh, and my shingles thought it would be awesome to make an appearance and also spring up in two new locations. 

Yay. And whew. 

The kids were in the mood for a refreshing dessert...given that it's the temperature of the sun here in Central Texas and we had just got a fresh pineapple. So, I made the easiest refreshing thing ever. Pineapple Sorbet in a pineapple shell!

Start off with a fresh pineapple and a good knife.

Cut it in half

I cut around the pineapple, careful to not go 
through the skin. Then score squares.

Scoop all the meat out.
There's you're bowls!

There's your meat!

I stuck them all in the freezer

The next evening, I blended the frozen pineapple
with some juice

Voila! Sorbet!

Added some fresh strawberries!

Easy, healthy, no sugar added, no preservatives!

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