Sunday, October 18, 2015

Annual Cookie Decorating Night!

It's time for our Annual Cookie Decorating Night!......and adult beverage drinking and hanging out night.

Our neighbors come over with icing and sprinkles and I make the goodies and we decorate and hang out. Maple got a run for her money being chased around by and played with by KJ, who is the cutest munchkin ever. Good times were had by all, as usual.

I made orange and green cupcakes with 
homemade purple butter cream icing. 
(Recipes here and here)

I have a funny story about making purple icing.  When my youngest was turning 8, I made her
a barbie know, the top is a doll and the dress
is the cake. She wanted a purple dress. So I mixed red and blue food
coloring back and forth...TRYING to get purple. 
Gray. She had a gray dress cake.
Thank goodness they MAKE purple now.

Nicole brought over some Sparkling Peach Moscato by
Caposaldo. It was light, refreshing
and delish!

And this is what happens when I say, "Pretend I'm not
here with my camera!"

My beauty in a lavender pixie.

KJ and Maple. This sums up their relationship. 

The dudes. In their natural state.

We get it, you vape!

Ever filling my house with a london fog of flavored crap.

Let's get some cookies done!

KJ is a very serious cookie decorator. 

Hard at work!

Nicole showing off one of the DawnMoodyDesign 
Glitter Wine Glasses. lol

Spider webs and coffins!
...and a little cutie!

Spoopy candles, completely unintentional. 

Ruby didn't want the night to end. 

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