Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dollar Tree Find - Luminescence Battery Candles

Ready for some not so shocking news? I love Dollar Tree. Period. From emergency turkey roasting pans, to candles, to wine glasses, to coffee toys and tupper ware and paint supplies and floral items. I love it.

I especially love Dollar Tree during the holidays. Cheap but CUTE holiday decorations. I make boxes to send my college kid for all the holidays or season - cold season box, summer box....etc.

Recently I was there for some wine glasses and jars. OH YEAH! JARS!!  Love the jars for pantry storage. Ok....back on track. ANYWAY - as I was going through the store I saw these battery operated lights that are PERFECT for Jack-O-Lanterns. I loathe the smell of a burning candle in a pumpkin and the mess.

Seriously? Each burn for about 120 hours.
There's an off switch at the bottom too so you don't
have to keep them burning.
AND they flicker!

And here you have it! I'm in love. It's so cute and realistic.

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