Sunday, October 25, 2015

Sunday.......Lovin' Sunday

Today was perfect. The rain stopped....sorta. In case you don't know we've had rain like a lot of southern Texas this week. And the temps dropped....thank goodness!  That means, doors open and a chilly breeze going through the house.

This is the weather I can clean in without grumbling so much. So, I did some of that. Cleaning...not grumbling.

I made some delish Ice Coffee in the blender.

.....which is just cold coffee, milk, chocolate sauce and ice.

But let's back up....I knew tonight I'd make my homemade chicken and dumplin's.....because #1 it's a cool Sunday and #2 See It Before You Eat It's October Challenge of SOUP!  So....starting last night at about 7 30pm, I put a chicken in the crock pot...threw in some onions and garlic and seasoned it, herbed it and (thank goodness I'm an insomniac because) I took it out of the crock pot around 2am. I put the chicken in a bowl and let it cool and tupper wared the broth.

Today, I deboned the chicken and chopped it up and added the broth and some water and seasonings and then made my homemade dumplin's.

This is what heaven looks like before supper!

We also did a jack o lantern today. Don't forget to soak it in water and bleach to help retard the mold growth!  Also....I use battery operated mock candles because I have stupid animals that I don't trust and I don't like to burn the inside of the pumpkin.

Stupid Animal #1 taking a look-see.

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